Who We Are

As an Anabaptist emigrant to America from the Swiss/German region of Europe, our forefather, Hans Nissley, settled and farmed this region in the early 1700’s. With a rich history of faith and agriculture, our children are the 10th generation farming locally. We take stewardship of the land and care of our animals seriously as we offer quality, handcrafted, local cheeses made from our own cows’ milk.

The Process

Our unique approach to quality, farmstead cheese.

Pure Ingredients

Our cheese is made from our own, rBST free milk from our cows, raised exclusively on our Dauphin County farm. Our handcrafted cheeses contain four all-natural ingredients: our fresh milk, cheese culture, vegetable rennet, and sea salt. The result? Gluten free, vegetarian and delicious cheeses.

All Natural

Small batches of our fresh milk ensure handcrafted integrity as we work on the cheesemaking floor with our friends at Penn Dairy to add a special touch to our cheeses.  We brainstorm ways to create fun recipes with all natural ingredients added like sweet raspberries and jalapeno peppers.

From Us to You

Our award winning cheeses offer quality that you won’t find in stores. It’s available at several locations locally and we’re looking forward to seeing you soon~ Bring the kids out to our farm Cheese Shed and see the cows!

“I got to try some of their delicious cheese and spreads and I was sold!”

-Ellen Ross, Blogger and Satisfied Customer